Noodles’ Handy Tips and Tricks 1: Post Workout Nutrition.

Post Exercise Nutrition.

Over the past few weeks we have had quite a few members of our recently opened F45 Gym asking what they should be eating after they train. For those who are unaware, F45 Training is a team-based, functional training facility that places a huge emphasis on the ‘three key factors’ of motivation, innovation and results. At F45 (the F stands for functional), no program is ever repeated, making every workout a unique experience. You can see more information and stay up to date by visiting and liking our Facebook Page.

Because this kind of training has come as a shock to the system for many of the member’s who have just joined, they are both interested and conscious about what to eat and when to eat, as to not counteract the effects of their intense training. The rest of this blog is a little bit of research and explanation into some of the misconceptions around eating, protein shakes (especially for women) and why we need to refuel and when.


The misconceptions are that protein, especially powder, is reserved for bodybuilders and women who want to flex on stage and be bigger than their partners. The truth is that this kind of muscular physique requires a few more things… years of hard and specific training, genetics and/or usually some kind of calorie restricted and controlled diet.

While it is most Men’s dreams to increase their muscle size, the fact is women generally don’t have enough testosterone to help them stack on the muscle like guys can. When women lift weights or use body weighted exercises, they are more likely to achieve a lean, shapely body rather than a bulky and over muscular physique.

They’re more likely to have stronger bones, muscles and tendons and have their hormones better balanced with a healthier body composition. Their resting metabolic rate is higher and they burn more fat even at rest (can I get a high five?).


So why is it that so many bodybuilders take protein shakes? Or thats how us normal people see it anyway…
Well, protein is used for the production of muscles. Proteins are also used to manufacture hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and immune-system components. Without adequate protein, our bodies can’t put together the structures that make up every cell, tissue, and organ, nor can it generate the biochemical substances needed for cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, growth, and healing. Without an adequate amount of protein our muscles wouldn’t heal up as quickly and could therefore lead to overtraining your muscle which could lead to injury.


After a workout is one of the best times to get protein into the body so that the protein can be delivered to your muscles, to begin healing the “micro tears” (very small tears in the muscle tissue, caused by intense contraction of the muscle during workout) in the muscle.

So why not just have an egg? Why do I have to buy protein?

Because solid food takes more time to digest and to break down the protein and send it to the muscles, but by having a protein shake immediately following a workout, it only takes about 30 minutes to reach the muscle after ingestion versus potentially hours (depending on the protein source). So yes, we can definitely see the advantage to taking a protein shake in this instance.

Following your workout it’s a good idea to take in small meals containing high protein in about three to four hour intervals, thereby providing your muscles with a constant supply of protein to help your muscles heal.  Breakfast is a key meal as well, because your body awaits nourishment after sleeping for 8-12 hours.

Your post workout shake does not count as breakfast!

It is also vital to take in a protein drink or a slow burning protein (such as cottage cheese) before you go to bed therefore providing your muscles with protein, since your body will be slowly depleted of protein as you sleep.


Now the next question is – how do I pick a protein powder? In a market that is absolutely flooded, and every salesman out to sell the one that they make the most cut out of, how do you pick the right protein supplement for you? If you are wanting to tone up/slim down consider the following when you look at the nutritional label:

  • Understand that Whey protein contains dairy – so if you are sensitive stick to a plant based protein such as a Pea, Buckwheat, Chia or Brown Rice, or a combination (although not as creamy and milkshake like – you’ll feel 10 times better from it).
  • Protein per serve between 20-30g per serve.
  • Total Carbohydrates lower than 5g per serve.
  • Total Fat Content lower than 1.5g per serve.
  • Look at the ingredients lists – things to avoid: maltodextrin, dextrose, artificial colours, sweeteners and flavours.

If you have any other questions or your goals are different to the above please let us know and we can help you!

TAKE AWAY: Protein is good! 

Until next week…


Noodles and Con. x



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