Why would you want to?

Okay, we know that chocolate doesn’t exactly rank up there on your list of healthy foods. But there are ways to celebrate the chocolate rush of the season without racking up the calories.

The trick is to get creative and use these healthy recipes to indulge in the sweet, succulent taste of chocolate without piling on guilt.


Dark Chocolate actually does pack in some healthy antioxidants that will boost your overall health. What provides the antioxidant benefit of dark chocolate? Cocoa. The higher percentage of pure cocoa that is in dark chocolate, the darker it’ll be. Usually this also means the darker the chocolate, the bitterer it is since cocoa is naturally bitter.

Indulging in a bit of dark chocolate can be a good way to enjoy the thrill of chocolate and promote overall wellness at the same time.

One study performed in Finland noted that consumption of dark chocolate increased levels of HDL cholesterol in the body, thus promoting a healthier heart.

No chocolate is low calorie, though, and chocolate shouldn’t be eaten as a snack. The calories in dark chocolate are slightly more than cheese and slightly less than nuts. Chocolate is calorie dense and does not provide the fibre or protein necessary to balance the blood sugar spike you’ll get from eating it.